Handlr Ventures - Empowering Growth Across Industries

Welcome to Handlr Ventures. We're in the business of buying and boosting companies with a particular interest in financial services, insurance brokers and digital marketing agencies. 

We're focussed on firms that have shown consistent profitability and been in business for at least 5 years, we're keen on businesses valued between £250k and £1.5m looking for a fresh chapter.

Our approach? A mix of cash, SEO expertise, and smart strategies to ensure long-term success.

Whether it's an outright acquisition or an investment where we roll up our sleeves alongside you, if you're ready to sell your company (or part of it) we're ready to talk.

Aaron Henriques UK business investor at 10 Downing Street

Aaron Henriques, entrepreneur & business investor.

Elevating Business Potential

We specialise in acquiring businesses outright, focusing on those with a solid track record and profitability, particularly from business owners coming up to retirement without any succession planning.

We're also open to minority or equal investments where the owner remains at the head of the company. Our eyes are on sectors where we can make a real difference, ensuring a smooth transition for owners ready to step back.

Targeting Excellence Across Industries

Our search spans various industries, looking for companies with the potential for significant growth. We bring extensive experience to the table, ready to provide the strategic push your business needs.

Our Flexible Acquisition Criteria

Acquisitions are our bread and butter, but we're flexible. We look for businesses with growth potential across a broad range of industries, ready for a strategic boost or a partnership that benefits both.

Strategic Growth and Diversification

Our strategy is tech-focused and efficiency-driven, aimed at enhancing business operations and market presence by introducing digital marketing strategies, tech and automation. We're all about setting up our acquisitions and investments for long-term success.

Streamlined & Transparent Investment Process

Our process is quick and clear, ideal for businesses looking for an efficient transition. We'll be quick and honest if you're a fit for us right now and give you feedback. Whether it's a full acquisition or a significant stake, we're flexible, responsive and supportive.

What we are looking for

Our criteria can and will change from time to time as our portfolio expands.

Generally speaking if you've got a good profitable business that's over 5 years old, with staff in place and you're not living on pluto with your valuations, we're open to exploring potential opportunities with you.

Our Main Investment Criteria

Although not an exhaustive list by any means, our basic investment criteria is laid out below for your reference. If you're not sure, we'd recommend you get in touch anyway.

  • Staff in place and realistically possible to operate without the existing owners (for 100% acquisitions) 
  • Business with consistent profitability
  • Business over 5 years old
  • Revenue over £500,0000
  • EBITDA  over £150k and under £1m
  • Seller motivated to sell
  • Lacks online presence, tech or automation
  • Based in London or South East of England (but we may consider other parts of the UK too!)

Primary Acquisition Industries

Our current focus may change from time to time. However, we're particularly interested in hearing about acquisition opportunities in the industries below, and industries which may compliment a company from our existing portfolio.

  • Financial Services Brokers (mortgage brokers, property finance brokers, insurance brokers and specialist finance brokers)
  • Property Management, Sales & Lettings
  • Commercial Surveyors
  • PR, Brand & Digital Marketing agencies
  • Call answering, admin services & sales call centres

Minority Investment Industries

We are open to minority investments in industries we understand less but where we may add value through a cash injection, funding of SEO & digital marketing services, and strategic business support to the owners.

We're open to exploring opportunities in a wide range of sectors which meet our basic investment criteria, except for the exclusions in the next tab.

Things we avoid

Currently, we exclude the following types of investment opportunities.

  • Startups of any kind
  • Crypto or blockchain related
  • Any company under 5 years old
  • Software & Apps (If the software or app is the main part of the business)
  • Where valuations are based on a hypothetical future potential

Discuss Your Business with Handlr Ventures

Got a business ready for the next step? We're here to make it happen, with a straightforward and efficient approach. Let's chat about how we can work together for mutual success.

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